Hosn Suleiman
حصن سليمان

Hosn Suleiman (حصن سليمان) is a magnificent ancient temple complex located in a remote stretch of mountains. Although this had been a religious center for centuries before, most of the current construction dates from the Roman period. Most impressive, perhaps, is the size of the stones used to construct the outer walls of the complex, which are similar in size to those found in Baalbek, Lebanon.


Getting There: Getting to Hosn Suleiman (حصن سليمان) is relatively easy even given the remote location, though it is first necessary to travel to Safita (صافيتا). There are very frequent microbuses between Tartus (طرطوس) and Safita (صافيتا). These microbuses depart from Tartus (طرطوس) on the northbound (eastern) side of the main boulevard, just south of the main bus station. There will generally be a long line of microbuses bound for Safita (صافيتا) waiting there. The trip takes about 30 minutes. From the microbus station in Safita (صافيتا), microbuses travel directly to Hosn Suleiman (حصن سليمان), another 30 minutes further. Be aware: drivers on this route seem to have developed a habit for overcharging foreigners. The temple is located at the far end of the village (the microbus should take you within 50 meters of the ruins).

Coordinates: 34°55’49.87″N / 36°14’43.31″E

Transliteration Variants: Hosn Soleiman

Rating7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

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