Izraa إزرع

Izraa (إزرع)

Izraa (إزرع) is a mixed Christian and Muslim town between Damascus (دمشق) and Daraa (درعا) with two of the oldest churches in Syria. There are other old stones all throughout the town, but they’ve been recycled so many times it is difficult to make much sense of their origins. Between the two churches is something of an archaeological graveyard, with bits of Roman and Byzantine masonry scattered about a site that was apparently once a mosque.


Getting There: Fairly frequent microbuses travel to Izraa (إزرع) from Damascus (دمشق). They depart from the bus station just southeast of Bab Musalla Square (ساحة باب مصللى), southwest of the old city. The trip takes about an hour. The churches are at the far northern end of Izraa (إزرع), about a two kilometer (30 minute) walk from the microbus terminal at the southern end of town. Follow the main road which runs north (and slightly east) through the town directly to the churches, which are only a couple hundred meters apart. Shared taxis regularly shuttle locals from one end of town to the other, but you may be expected to hire a private taxi at full fare. Note that there are also microbuses connecting Izraa (إزرع) to Daraa (درعا).

Coordinates: 32°52’23.36″N / 36°15’25.13″E

Transliteration Variants: Ezraa, Izra, Ezra

Rating: 6 / 10

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