Jebel Seis جبل سيس

Jebel Seis (جبل سيس)

Jebel Seis (جبل سيس) is perhaps the most dramatic site in the entire country of Syria. Located in the far southeast corner of the Damascus Region (ريف دمشق), it may also be the most remote site in the country. The historic remains are composed of an Umayyad-era fortress and settlement at the location of an extinct volcano.


Getting There: Getting to Jebel Seis (جبل سيس) without private transportation is practically impossible, and any attempt to do so would be inadvisable. It is likely the most remote historic site in the country, and weeks could go by without anyone visiting the location. However, if private transportation can be arranged, reaching the site is not particularly difficult, and there is a decent paved road.

Coordinates: 33°18’26.09″N / 37°21’52.38″E

Transliteration Variants: Jebel Seys, Jebel Says, Jebel Sis

Rating: 7 / 10

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