Kaluta كالوتا

Kaluta (كلوتا)

The village of Kaluta (كالوتا) has an impressive collection of Byzantine remains which include numerous churches and several villas. Although a modern village has been established at the site, it does remain relatively well preserved with the most important church (on the eastern end of the site) undisturbed. The village, as well as the church complex of Qalaat Kaluta (قلعة كالوتا) overlooking it to the west, are well worth a visit. Allow about an hour to fully explore the remains.


Getting There: There is no public transportation to Kaluta (كالوتا), but it can be approached from a few different directions. There is a very infrequent microbus from Aleppo (حلب) to Basufan (باصوفان), and this microbus travels within three kilometers of the site at the village of Zouq al-Kabir (زوق الكبير). From Zouq al-Kabir (زوق الكبير), the remaining distance must be covered on foot following the road to the northwest. If you want to hire a private driver directly to the village, it would be easiest to take one of the more frequent microbuses to the nearby town of Nabl (نبل) and hire a driver from there. Alternatively, if you are hiking between the numerous other sites in the region, there is a dirt road to Kaluta (كالوتا) from the village of Burj Heidar (برج حيدر).

Coordinates: 36°21’18.22″N / 36°56’33.51″E

Transliteration Variants: Kalouta, Kalota

Rating: 5.5 / 10

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