Salim (سليم) is a small Druze village located on the main road between al-Suweida (السويداء) and Shahba (شهبا). The settlement, originally Nabatean, was known as Selaema to the Romans. It contains the remains of a Roman temple which now houses a Druze tomb. Most of the temple has been destroyed, though the northeast corner of the structure remains standing precariously to its full height. The temple was richly decorated with impressive carvings and is estimated to date from the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus.


Getting There: Getting to Salim (سليم) is easy, as it is on the main road linking al-Suweida (السويداء) to Shahba (شهبا) and Damascus (دمشق). Any public transportation traveling between Damascus (دمشق) or Shahba (شهبا) and al-Suweida (السويداء) will pass by here. It is also feasible to walk from Shahba (شهبا) or al-Suweida (السويداء), which takes about an hour. The temple can be seen to the west of the main road as you enter the village. Consider combining a visit to Salim (سليم) with Atil (عتيل), which is another few kilometers to the south.

Coordinates: 32°47’38.76″N / 36°34’35.65″E

Transliteration Variants: Selim, Slim

Rating4.5 out of 10 stars (4.5 / 10)

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