Aleppo – Old Houses حلب – البيوت القديمة

Aleppo - Old Houses (حلب - البيوت القديمة)

One of the major attractions of Aleppo (حلب) is the city’s traditional residential architecture. Throughout the old city and the neighboring historic district of Jdeideh (جديدة) are beautiful residences dating back to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods, and in some instances even earlier. Dozens of these historic buildings had been converted into hotels, cafes, restaurants, and offices in recent decades, providing the opportunity for visitors to admire their exquisite craftsmanship. Beit Ajqabash (بيت أجقباش), now a museum and covered separately, is one of the finest examples of this. In contrast to the wood and mud-brick construction utilized in the capital, the residential architecture of Aleppo (حلب) features a heavy use of stone. While appearing plain and austere from the alleyways that wind through the city’s historic neighborhoods, their courtyards are often richly decorated with stone carvings, geometric mosaic work, fountains and plants.

Regrettably, extensive destruction has been inflicted upon many of these historic residences during the ongoing conflict in Syria. Most of the buildings pictured here have been damaged by a combination of mortar and artillery attacks, tunnel bombings, and airstrikes since violence engulfed the city in late 2012.


Getting There: These historic residences are found throughout the old city of Aleppo (حلب) and the neighboring Jdeideh (جديدة) district.

Rating: 8 / 10

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