Jamrein (جمرين) is a small village located about three kilometers north of Bosra (بصری). The village contains two monuments of interest from the Roman period: a small Roman palace and, a few hundred meters to the north, a Roman bridge. The palace, while lacking decoration, is very well preserved. The bridge is partially collapsed, but in otherwise good condition.


Getting There: To get to Jamrein (جمرين) from Bosra (بصری), head north on the road towards al-Suweida (السويداء) which begins in the northeast of Bosra (بصری), near Mabrak Mosque. There is little public transportation in this area, but occasional microbuses connecting Jamrein (جمرين) and other nearby villages to Bosra (بصری) pass by on this road. If you can arrange transportation, it is a five minute ride. Otherwise, it is about a 45 minute walk. Both monuments are on the west (left) side of the road, in the northern end of the village.

Coordinates: 32°32’53.46″N / 36°29’43.69″E

Transliteration Variants: Jamreen, Jamrin, Jamarein, Jamareen, Jamarin

Rating3 out of 10 stars (3 / 10)

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