Kafr Lusein كفر لوسين

Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين)

The remains at the Byzantine site of Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين), to the northwest of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية), include small but well preserved monastic tower and a moderately well preserved church and villa. Other remains are in a far worse state of preservation, and were probably domestic buildings. The ruins are on the southwestern edge of a small modern village and are surrounded by olive groves. This is a fairly minor site, but worth a quick look if visiting the more substantial remains at nearby Serjableh (سرجبله). This region, the western side of a ring of hills that circle the northern section of the plain of al-Dana (الدانا), is sometimes referred to as Jebel Halaqeh (جبل حلقة).


Getting There: The first step to getting to Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين) is to travel to the nearby town of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية). al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية) has fairly frequent microbuses connections with Aleppo (حلب), and the trip takes about 30 minutes. Once in al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية), seek out another microbus traveling to the town of Qah (قاح), to the northwest. About five kilometers outside of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية) is a road leading to the west (left side) to the Byzantine sites of Serjableh (سرجبله) and Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين). This turn-off is the closest you can get with public transportation, and you’ll have to walk from here. The road forks after about a kilometer. Serjableh (سرجبله) is a little over a kilometer to the left (south), while Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين) is about 500 meters to the right (west).

Coordinates: 36°15’19.88″N / 36°42’42.03″E

Transliteration Variants: Kafr Lousein, Kafr Luseen, Kafr Louseen

Rating: 3 / 10

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