Rabiaa (ربيعة) is a minor site of mostly Byzantine-era remains located between the more substantial sites of Serjilla (سرجلا) and Shinshirah (شنشراح) in the southern portion of the Jebel al-Zawiyeh (جبل الزاوية) region. Rabiaa (ربيعة) was later occupied during the Crusader and early Islamic periods, though there is minimal evidence of this. There is an interesting stone carved monument to the west of the main cluster of ruins. The other remains include several small Byzantine-era domestic buildings similar to others found in the region.


Getting There: Like most sites in the Jebel al-Zawiyeh (جبل الزاوية) region, Rabiaa (ربيعة) can be approached either from the south via Maarat al-Naaman (معرة النعمان) and Kafr Nabl (كفر نبل‎), or from the north via Ariha (آريحا) and al-Bara (البارة), but there is no public transportation directly to the site, or even particularly close to it.

Rabiaa (ربيعة) is most easily approached from the south. To reach the site, first travel to Maarat al-Naaman (معرة النعمان), which has frequent microbus connections with Aleppo (حلب). That trip takes about forty five minutes. Maarat al-Naaman (معرة النعمان) also has microbus connections with Hama (حماة) and Idleb (إدلب), but these are less frequent. From Maarat al-Naaman (معرة النعمان), the next step is to find a microbus to the town of Kafr Nabl (كفر نبل‎), about ten kilometers to the southwest.

There are two options from here, both via the more substantial site of Shinshirah (شنشراح). You can either disembark a few kilometers before the town of Kafr Nabl (كفر نبل‎), where a small country road winds about three and a half kilometers northwest to Shinshirah (شنشراح). Or, you can continue all the way to Kafr Nabl (كفر نبل‎) and follow the road heads north towards al-Bara (البارة). After about two kilometers, turn right and follow the road that runs northeast towards Shinshirah (شنشراح), an additional two and half kilometers on. Rabiaa (ربيعة) is an additional two kilometers to the northeast of Shinshirah (شنشراح). There is no regular public transportation along these roads, so you’ll either need to hire a driver in Kafr Nabl (كفر نبل‎) or walk.

To approach Rabiaa (ربيعة) from the north, take one of the regular microbuses that travel from Aleppo (حلب) to Ariha (آريحا), a roughly thirty minute trip. From Ariha (آريحا) there are very infrequent microbuses to the town of al-Bara (البارة), which is also home to one of the most important archaeological sites in the region. Rabiaa (ربيعة) is about seven kilometers southeast of al-Bara (البارة), two kilometers beyond the site of Serjilla (سرجلا). There is no regular public transportation beyond al-Bara (البارة), so you’ll either need to hire a driver in al-Bara (البارة) or walk the remaining distance. Take the road heading south towards Kafr Nabl (كفر نبل‎) about one kilometer, then turn left (east) and continue four kilometers to Serjilla (سرجلا)Rabiaa (ربيعة) is two kilometers south of here.

Coordinates: 35°39’19.62″N / 36°34’48.88″E

Transliteration Variants: Rabeaa, Rabiaah, Rabeaah, Rubiaa, Rubeaa, Rubiaah, Rubeaah, Rebiaa, Rebeaa, Rebiaah, Rebeaah

Rating: 3.5 out of 10 stars (3.5 / 10)

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