Safita صافيتا

Safita (صافيتا)

Dominated by an imposing Crusader keep, the scenic mountain town of Safita (صافيتا) is well worth a visit. Safita (صافيتا) has a charming and picturesque old town and a certain open and liberal feel to it. The population is predominantly split between Alawites and Christians. The area surrounding Safita (صافيتا) is known for beautiful mountain resorts, popular in the summer to escape the heat. Safita (صافيتا) makes a good base for visiting these mountain resorts, as well as the Roman temple complex at Hosn Suleiman (حصن سليمان).


Getting There: There are very frequent microbuses between Tartus (طرطوس) and Safita (صافيتا). These microbuses depart from Tartus (طرطوس) on the northbound (eastern) side of the main boulevard, just south of the main bus station. There will generally be a long line of microbuses bound for Safita (صافيتا) waiting there. The trip takes about 30 minutes. There are accommodation options in Safita (صافيتا), though they are on the expensive side.

Coordinates: 34°49’14.92″N / 36°07’02.17″E

Transliteration Variants: None

Rating: 7 / 10

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