Serjableh سرجبله

Serjableh (سرجبله)

Serjableh (سرجبله) is an extensive Byzantine site that includes the remains of an impressive monastic tower and at least three churches. At the northern end of the site is a particularly well preserved monastic tower, one of the largest in the limestone massif. Immediately south of the tower are the remains of several villas in varying states of preservation, along with a moderately well preserved church. Further southwest are two other churches with a high level of preservation, somewhat isolated from the main cluster of ruins. The first church is about 500 meters southwest of the tower, and the second church an additional 500 meters beyond that.

There is a modern village springing up around the ruins, with a couple dozen families living in the area, but this site is otherwise isolated and seldom visited. Serjableh (سرجبله) is spread out over a fairly large area on a plateau in the limestone massif, northwest of the small town of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية). This region, part of a ring of hills that circles the northern section of the al-Dana (الدانا) plain, is sometimes referred to as Jebel Halaqeh (جبل حلقة).


Getting There: The first step to getting to Serjableh (سرجبله) is to travel to the nearby town of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية). al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية) has fairly frequent microbuses connections with Aleppo (حلب), and the trip takes about 30 minutes. Once in al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية), seek out another microbus traveling to the town of Qah (قاح), to the northwest. About five kilometers outside of al-Dana al-Shamaliyeh (الدانا الشمالية) is a road leading to the west (left side) to the Byzantine sites of Serjableh (سرجبله) and Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين). This turn-off is the closest you can get with public transportation, and you’ll have to walk from here. The road forks after about a kilometer. Serjableh (سرجبله) is a little over a kilometer to the left (south), while Kafr Lusein (كفر لوسين) is about 500 meters to the right (west).

Coordinates: 36°14’34.32″N / 36°43’08.99″E

Transliteration Variants: Serjable, Serjabla, Serjebleh, Serjeble, Serjebla, Sarjableh, Sarjable, Sarjabla, Sarjebleh, Sarjeble, Sarjebla, Sirjableh, Sirjable, Sirjabla, Sirjebleh, Sirjeble, Sirjebla

Rating: 5 / 10

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